The links below are external links that encompass various groups, interests and activities pertaining to the Society for Creative Anachronism


The official home page for the Society for Creative Anachronism 

The East Kingdom

East Kingdom Wiki

Tir Mara

Canton of Distant Shore

Canton of Seashire

Canton of  Ynys y Gwaed



** new site** Ruantallan Rookie (created to help new comers in the SCA within the Maritime Provinces)

A Wonderful You-Tube video showcasing the Barony of Ruantallan and the SCA

SCA Newcomer’s Portal 

What is the SCA? 

SCA Customs and History 

Ruantallan Events and Activities



Eastern Order of Precedence (presently the most up to date version of the OP for the East Kingdom)

Eastern Awards (awards in the East Kingdom)

 Order of the Iceberg  (a Ruantallan award and the people belonging to the order)

Award Recommendations of the East Kingdom



Quid Nunc (our Baronial Newsletter)

SCA Today (News around the known world)

The East Kingdom Gazette (East Kingdom news and articles)

The Fire Beacon (Tidings from Distant Shore, lots of local info and Baronial news as well)



email: michel @
(Email discussion list for the Barony of Ruantallan)

Ruantallan Curia (Ruantallan Curia’s discussion list)

Ruantallan Scriptorium (a list for scribes and people interested in the scribal arts within Ruantallan)

Ruantallan Cooks (a list for cooks and people interested in cooking within Ruantallan)


SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, Google+…)
(note: “closed group” simply means you need to make a request to be added)

Welcome to the Barony of Ruantallan (Facebook group where people can discuss matters pertaining to Ruantallan and the SCA, closed group)

Ruantallan Curia FB group (closed group for curia discussion)

Fencers of Ruantallan FB group (closed group for those with a shared interest in SCA rapier)

Ruantallan Scriptorium FB group (group for scribes or those who are interested in the Scribal arts)

Ruantallan knitting club (closed group for those with the shared interest in knitting)



House Blackwood (household with local members)

Crimson Company (household with local members)

Eik en Zwijn (a member’s page)

Old Foodways (a member’s SCA Projects)

The Villa (a member’s page)

The Dabblers Guild (Local Ruantallan guild for dabblers)



Embla of Seashire – Ruantallan Library Catalog

So You Want to Be an Autocrat When You Grow Up

Kingdom of Atlantia A&S links (everything from clothing to scribal to woodworking)

Ask a Herald 

Modar’s Heraldry Page

The Academy of Saint Gabriel (great info on sca period names)

East Kingdom Martial Activities (temporarily down?)


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