Image6aBaron Perceval Gower
baron @

Image6aBaroness Admiranda Gower
baroness @

Seneshal BadgeSeneschal – (acts as the legal representative of a branch)
Contact: Mistress Briana Douglase
seneschal @
                                Term ends: 11/2020

                               Deputy Seneschal
                                Maestra Allessandra Francesca di Milano

exchequer badgeChancellor of the Exchequer – (treasurer)
Contact: Lady Tyffayne de Trumpington
exchequer @
  Term ends: 09/2020

Herald badgeHerald/Persuivant– (Assists people with names and devices, some heralds also call at court and at events)
Contact: M’Lady Embla of The Linden Hall
herald @
                               Term ends: 10/2021

A&S badgeArts and Sciences– (Encourages and assists with activities within the arts and sciences)
Contact: Lady Ciorstaidh Twygge of Skyhill
mas @
                                Term ends: 04/2021

knight marshal badgeKnight Marshall – (Oversees those involved in heavy armoured fighting)
Contact: Lady Maired Drake
knightmarshall @
gfjkl;a’jgfdlkafTerm ends: 01/2021

Chatelaine BadgeChatelaine – (Welcomes and assists newcomers to the SCA)
Contact: Lord Oswald of Ruantallan
chatelaine @
                                Term ends: 01/ 2021

chronicler badgeChronicler – (Publisher of Quid Nunc, the Baronial newsletter)
Contact: Lady Asleif Gylfisdottir of Ruantallan
chronicler @
                                 Term ends: 10/2021

lists badgeMinister of the Lists – (responsible for maintaining a roster of qualified fighters)
Contact: Lady Mawdlyn Atwater
mol @
                                 Term ends: 01/2021


Captain of Archery – (Responsible for )
Term Ends:

webminister badgeWebminister– (maintains the website for the barony)
Contact: Lady Esperanza de Cordoba
webminister @
Term ends: 08/2021

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