Event Steward Resource Page

An event steward or autocrat is the person who plans and hosts an event with the sponsorship of the Barony or one of its Cantons. To host an event, you must submit a bid for the event with relevant information to the sponsoring branch. Information to help with this process is below including how to create a bid to how to make a budget and more.

Baronial events can occur anywhere within the baron. They can be one of the standard events that is expected on the calendar every year, or it can be a unique event. 

These are the annual event and the date curia wishes to receive bids for the event:
 – Twelfth Night in January – Bids needed by July
 – Warcamp in July – Bids needed by January
 – Baronial Investiture Anniversary typically in October – Bids needed by April
 – Hal-con Demo in October – Bids needed by February

Additionally every year we have championships which need to occur. These may occur at annual events or is unique events and can be included in your plans for your event bid. There is no rule about when in a year these events occur but typically these championships occur within these seasons:
 – Spring : Rapier
 – Summer : Archery
 – Fall : Rattan
 – Winter : Arts & Sciences, Bardic

Event Related waivers (External link, various ones for adults and children)

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Event Bid Form Seashire  – Unavailable due to Dormancy

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Planning an Event List

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Managing Event Money

Pre- Event Budget Form

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