There are many ways to recognize peoples good deeds, work and skill in the SCA, one of the more familiar ways we hear about are through awards, inductions into orders and other honours which are often handed out formally in court.

Within our Barony:
We have the Order of the Iceberg which recognized Baronial citizens for Service, Arts or Martial Skills. If you feel there is a gentle worthy of consideration for this order, please recommend them to their Excellencies.

Members of the Order of the Iceberg – past and present

Ruantallan also recognizes people in other ways. One such way is through what has become the Hawkwind award that recognizes those  inspiring Newcomers and he Main Gauche recognizes exceptional individuals displaying chivalry.  Both awards are chosen and gifted by the baron and baroness.

Members of the Hawkwind Award – past and present
Members of the Main Gauche – past and present

Other awards are given through a tradition where members of the laurel, pelican and chivalry recognize people on the field (marshal), or for service and arts within the barony. Each year a new person is chosen for each with a member of the chivalry offering a link of chain (of a knights chain), a member of the laurel offering a representation of a leaf (from a laurel wreath) and a member of the pelican offering a representation of a drop of blood (from the pelican vulning herself). These people are chosen and gifted by local members of these peerages.

Within our Kingdom:
People also receive awards from our King and Queen, to find out more about these awards, see: The Awards of the Kingdom of the East (external link). We also have Royal Peerages (what monarchs become after serving as a monarch of a kingdom or principality) and Bestowed Peerages (Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican and the Rose). Please see the Eastern Order of Precedence page (below) for more information.

To learn who has had accolades bestowed upon them, please see the Eastern Order of Precedence. (external link)

If you know or think that someone is deserving of an award, please write them in – East Kingdom Award Recommendation Page (external link, **note: this page is for kingdom level awards, if you are unsure, the page has a drop down menu with all the awards listed for you to choose from.)

If you are not sure if someone you know has the award you wish to write them in for, please check the East Kingdom OP (external link) Please note: you do not have to be in a person’s local group or a recipient of any award or order to write them in.