Barony Announcements

October 25 2023


With fun events like Hal-con, The Porpose Tavern, and 12th night coming up, I would like to remind people of the Media release form. Please sign it if you consent to the SCA and Ruantallan using pictures or videos that include you.–SKjDhpnh-8FWpEDPgWtTOQ7kVkzTQ/viewform

If you do not consent to a photo or video on our accounts, please contact and it will be removed.

If you would like to submit photos or videos for our instagram, youtube, or facebook accounts please email

Do you Enjoy content creating? Come be my Deputy! Email me for more information.

Yours in Service,

Esperanza de Cordoba Ruantallan Social Media officer

August 21 2023

Greetings, good people of the Barony of Ruantallan.

I am Lady Uaine as Ar N-Eilean-Ne. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of competing in the annual Baronial Arts & Sciences Competition and was fortunate enough to be named our Baronial A&S Champion. As such, I have the honour and responsibility to create and announce the details of the next Baronial Arts & Sciences Championship.

The 2024 Ruantallan Baronial Arts & Sciences Competition will have the theme Artifacts from a Life  We are asking participants to submit an object or group of things related to a persona someone could have in the SCA. This could include items that would have been significant enough to be passed down in a will, buried with the deceased, or other more daily life objects your persona could use in their everyday life.

Judges will view and score entries to determine who will become the next Ruantallan A&S Champion. Scoring is scheduled per the EK A&S General Rubric (link below for more details). In addition to this scoring, there will be voting done by event attendees to determine two crowd favourites and break potential ties. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in the competition regardless of skill level or experience.

The competition is traditionally held at Ruantallans 12th Night early in the mundane year. When the event is announced, I will include details on the time and place of the competition.

A summary of the rules is as follows;

● Anyone living within the borders of The Barony of Ruantallan (Nova Scotia and PEI) at

the time of the competition is welcome to enter.

● Entrants may participate in person or by proxy(having another person display your entry

on your behalf).

● Judging will be done using the East Kingdom A&S General Rubric. ( Link to details


● Populous choice prizes will be awarded to the two entries that receive the largest number

of votes (each attendee will be given a token to cast their vote).

● Token votes will not affect the scoring for the Championship and only be used in

selecting our champion if a Tie Breaker is needed.

Should you wish to participate, please email with your name

and the type of item you will be entering. Entries will be accepted until a week from the event.

I look forwards to seeing all your entries and learning more about your chosen personas.

East Kingdom A&S General Rubric

Yours in Service,

Uaine as Ar n-Eilean-ne

Baronial A&S Champion

Barony of Ruantallan

MAY 3 2020

Greetings, all, from your Company Captain of Archers, Sarra Graeham of Birnham:

Several people have asked me about when we will be doing archery. I am pleased to tell you about these four opportunities to shoot in Tir Mara East in the next two months.

6 May, in Sydney NS: We will be running a learn to shoot clinic, and if we have the distance on the range, there will be Royal Rounds.

Address:   Feywood Grove Farm, 256 Hills Road, Sydney, NS, Canada, Nova Scotia

19-21 May, in Gagetown, NB:  At Middleground, there will be archery going on all weekend, including the Tir Mara Principality Archery Championships. There will be a learn to shoot clinic, Royal Rounds, and lots of practice time on the range.

You can find the registration info for the event here:

11 June, 2 pm, in Berwick NS:  At Ruantallan Baronial Archery Practice. We will have Royal Rounds, Castle Slit Shoot, coaching available, and lots of practice time, with a pot luck supper to follow. Baronial members from the Valley are particularly encouraged to join us, even if you don’t shoot, we’d love to see you. And, of course, we would be happy to teach you how to shoot.

Address:   168 Hamilton Rd, Berwick, NS B0P 1E0

30 June to 2 July, in Walton NS: At Ruantallan Warcamp. There will be a learn to shoot clinic, three days of Royal Rounds, maybe some novelty shoots, lots of practice time, and of course, the Ruantallan Baronial Archery Championships.

You can find the registrations info for the event here:

I really hope to see you at one or all of these events and practices!  If you have any questions, let me know.  And I am hoping to have more archery dates to announce soon.

Best regards,


Company Captain of the Archers of Ruantallan.

MARCH 12 2023

Greetings Ruantallan!

I’m looking at bringing the “This is how we do it!” Zoom meetings back and would like your input. Please take some time to fill out this form and let me know what topics you would like to see and if there is a topic you would like to lead the discussion on.

Thank you!


Aveline d’Amien

NOVEMBER 12 2022

Greetings populace,

I am searching for 2 future officers. a web minister and a social media officer.


Duties include putting events on the calendar, and posting announcements on the announcements page. No coding or web design knowledge needed. Can you update a blog? Then you can do this.

Duties also include a point and click system of changing officer email address roles when officers change.


In charge of updating the Instagram with member provided content, and updating the baronial Facebook page. Work in cooperation with web min to create Facebook events to help promote events in the barony.

These roles are looking for new officers in August/September. I will train you! I would love to have interested parties come on as a deputy to get their feet wet and “try before you buy” the role.

Please contact me with your expression of interest at

Thank you!

Yours in Service,

Esperanza De Cordoba, She/Her
Webminister of Ruantallan

AUGUST 20 2022

We regret to inform you that the Summers End event hosted by the Canton of Ynys y Gwaun has been cancelled.

JULY 21 2022

Curia is currently searching for new officers to be voted in during the September 13 curia meeting. Roles to be filled:
– Minister of the List
– Chronicler

Please email the seneschal with a note of your interest

JULY 14 2022

Greetings Populace,

Ruantallan will be hosting demos at Geekorium in August and at Hal-Con in October. They are looking for volunteers.

To Volunteer for Geekorium please contact Lady Aveline email:

To Volunteer for Hal-Con please contact Legatus Spurius email:

JUNE 20 2022

Greetings populace,

I would like to officially begin succession planning for the roles of both web minister and for social media. They do not have to be the same persons. My role in this will be up in Aug 2023 and I would like to train up the next interested parties.

Web Minister Role- Put announcements on website given to you by curia, and put up events when given by event autocrat ( ensure autocrat has put the event in on EK calendar first). Maintain the website (very easy, mostly an occasional update) and officer email switch overs. Let Social media know when an event is publishSocial

Media Role – monitor social media accounts (facebook/instagram/youtube) to ensure function according to EK social Media rules. Post content provided to you by the populace that meet EK Social media rules – you do not need to be a content creator.Set up facebook web page events, make autocrat the host to control content.

Someone may choose to be both, or one role. If you are interested in learning one of these roles please contact me

Yours in Service,
Esperanza De Cordoba, She/Her
Webminister of Ruantallan

JUNE 7 2022

Greetings and Salutations to the Members of the populace.

It is my pleasure to announce that last evening Baroness Allessandra Francesca di Milano was elected by the Curia to the position of Seneschal for the Barony of Ruantallan. I would like to thank those who placed their names forward and would encourage them to seek out other opportunities to serve the Barony. It has been my pleasure to serve as your Seneschal and will strive to support our new Seneschal in the future. Vivat to the Baroness and may her time as Seneschal be enjoyable.

Legatus Spurius Genucius Rutilus

Good afternoon Ruantallan!
On this glorious sunny day I would like to introduce myself as the newest Baronial Seneschal. Many thanks go out to Spurius for the time and effort he has put in during his tenure. Keeping the Dream alive always takes a great deal of work behind the scenes and I appreciate his efforts towards it all, especially during a pandemic with ever changing rules. If anyone has any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to either myself or another member of curia. Thank you!

MAY 9 2022

Greeting Ruantallan!

we now have a YouTube account to help promote our fabulous and amazing populace  Please follow Ruantallented – The Barony of Ruantallan

To be featured, send what you wish presented to with the subject YouTube

Yours in Service,Esperanza De Cordoba, She/Her
Webminister of Ruantallan

MAY 9 2022

Greeting Ruantallan!

we now have an instagram account to help promote our fabulous and amazing populace  Please follow Ruantallented and use the hashtag #ruantallented

To be featured, send the picture and text you wish presented to with the subject ruantallented

Yours in Service,Esperanza De Cordoba, She/Her
Webminister of Ruantallan

MAY 3 2022

Dearest Ruantallan and friends,

Their Royal majesties are very much looking forward to visiting our shores but more importantly they are looking forward to the giving of awards. 

It is by Royal Request that we submit recommendations for awards as soon as possible.

Find more information or recommend someone for an award here
Yours in Service,
Esperanza De Cordoba

APRIL 21 2022

As most of you know, the Canton of Seashire is in dormancy, and we are now in a two year process to bring it back to full status.

The next step in that process is to figure out what Seashire should be doing that is different from what the Barony of Ruantallan should be doing.  If we are clear about the roles of the Barony and the Cantons, then it will be a lot easier to recruit officers, and keep good communications happening, and plan events and practices, so that you and I can have a lot more fun!

Here’s where you come in:  We want to talk about these things. Especially, we want to talk to you about what you love in the SCA, and how you think the Canton (and the Barony) can help you do more of that.  We plan to have a bunch of talks about these things over the next few months, every time we get face to face.

The first talk (or let’s call it an Althing, that’s a nice period name) is planned for the afternoon at 12th Night, sometime before court.  The Dormancy Committee will present the current proposal for the Seashire-Ruantallan Agreement (a formal way of saying how we divide up what we do), and then there will be time for you to ask questions and make suggestions.  

While this is about Seashire’s dormancy, members of all Cantons are welcome to attend, as some items in the proposal (like a rotation of Baronial events) affect all the Cantons, and we’d like your input too. We hope to see you there!

All documents relative to the Seashire dormancy can be found

APRIL 2 2022

Seneschal needed!

Good gentles of Ruantallan. Pray heed.
Were you one of those interested individuals who attended Baroness Janet’s talk about the work of the Seneschal? Did you think that it was a job that you might excel at doing? Then here is an opportunity for you to try it. (Title) Spurius, our present Seneschal has announced that he is stepping down as the Baronial Seneschal. A few must-haves for this position includes being a resident of Ruantallan (Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island), having a valid SCA membership, a computer with internet and the capabilities to hold and manage on-line meetings. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the Seneschal (Spurius advises to message him on Facebook, he’ll get that sooner than an email – or let Isolde know and she will ensure he reads your message.) A new Seneschal will be elected at the next Curia meeting to be held June 6th.

All notice of interests must be received by June 1. Please include those qualifications/experiences you have that you feel will aid you in this important job. Please officially email the Seneschal at

MARCH 31 2022

“Good Gentles of Ruantallan, Greetings from Conn Icicle,
After consultation with the College of Heralds and members of the Populace, Their Excellencies have come up with some potential names for the new Orders the Barony plans to introduce.  These new awards will be subordinate to the existing Order of the Iceberg, which will remain Ruantallan’s highest ranking order for recognizing contributions to the Barony.  The new awards will afford Their Excellencies the opportunity to give public recognition to those gentles who are doing good works for the Barony but whose efforts may not yet meet that required for admittance to the Order of the Iceberg.  

Their Excellencies invite the Populace to comment on the proposed Order names.  Please comment on the Barony’s Facebook page or email Their Excellencies directly (baron AT ruantallan DOT eastkingdom DOT org, and baroness AT ruantallan DOT eastkingdom DOT org).  Their Excellencies will be taking commentary until midnight, 15 Apr.

The following are the proposed Order names.  All have been conflict checked by the East Kingdom Submissions Herald and verified as meeting the requirements for Order names.  Badges for the Orders have not yet been considered, as having the name decided on first will make the process of brainstorming badge concepts much easier.  A future meeting with armoury heralds from the College of Heralds will be scheduled to go over badge concepts.

Arts & Sciences:  Order of Minervas Candle (lack of apostrophe is intentional – period order names did not use them)

Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, war, art, schools, justice and commerce, and it is her aspect of Art, Schools, and Commerce that she would be representative of the Arts and Sciences community.  The Candle was chosen as another name element to further evoke the image of the artisan in a workshop toiling into the night on various projects.

Service: Fellowship of the Anchor and Rudder

Those on the Service path are those who steer the ship of the Society, often behind the scenes, and the Rudder speaks to that.  The Anchor evokes the weight of the responsibility those on the Service path undertake, be it serving in an office, helping to run an event, or just doing the thousand other things that help make the Barony run smoothly.

Martial:  Company of the Gonfanon of Ruantallan

A Gonfanon (or Gonfalon) is a type of heraldic banner, often pointed, swallow-tailed, or with several streamers, and suspended from a crossbar in an identical manner to the ancient Roman vexillum borne by the Roman legions.

FEBURARY 10 2022

Promotional Opportunities (Business Cards)

Members of the Populace of Ruantallan
Greetings and Salutations
As part of a plan for the Barony to improve its support to the Cantons and to better advertise not the just Barony as a group but the Cantons that make it up it has been decided to setup a Curia sub-committee to research new promotional business cards.
We are asking for interested members who wish to be part of this sub-committee.
If you are interested please submit your name to the seneschals emails address no later than the 11th March 2022
The Seneschal in consultation with the Baron and Baroness will then select from the list of submitted the members to make up the sub-committee.

Yours in Service
Legatus Spurius Genucius Rutilus
Seneschal Barony of Ruantallan

FEBURARY 10 2022

New position on Curia (Captain of Archers)

Greetings to the members of the Populace
There is a position open for your Baronial Curia
Captain of Archers.
If you are interested in putting forth your name for consideration for this position you can submit your name to the Seneschals email address no later than the 11th of March 2022.

Yours in Service
Legatus Spurius Genucius Rutilus
Seneschal Barony of Ruantallan

JANUARY 3 2022

In light of the current restrictions we are starting a monthly online baronial A&S hang out .

The idea is that it is not a class but a show and tell. One person will be designated to tell us about something exciting they have learned, or made, or read about. The rest of the evening will be hanging out with crafts and beverage and hopefully finding a new person to show and tell next month.

It will be the second Thursday of every month . Please contact the webminister to receive the Zoom link for the meeting.

JANUARY 2 2022

Short-term Kingdom closure, until Jan 17th

Good evening, East Kingdom Populace,

With the care of the Kingdom ever in mind, Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, the Seneschal-Elect, and the Kingdom Seneschal have agreed that we must shut down all in-person events, meetings, practices, and other activities in the East for two weeks, until January 17th.

The Omicron variant of COVID is at its peak for the next 2 weeks, is highly transmissible, and highly virulent. This is a risk we cannot ask folks on staff to take on behalf of the Kingdom.

Over the weekend of January 15th and 16th, we will revisit the scientific data to see whether extending or lifting this shut-down is warranted. Their Majesties and Their Highnesses will also review options for ethereal Court or postponed in-person events. We ask the populace for patience as the Royal Staff assess how to best address this delay in cherished plans.

In the meantime, we urge East’s Tyger populace to take good care of yourselves: practice social distancing, wear masks correctly at all times in public, and stay home when feeling ill, so that when we can gather, we can do so with joyful spirits.

In service to the Kingdom,

Medhbh inghean Ui Cheallaigh, Kingdom Seneschal

Audrye Beneyt, Kingdom Seneschal-Elect
Ioanes II and Honig II, Emperor and Empress
Ryouko’jin and Indrakshi, Heirs to the Tyger Throne

OCTOBER 19 2021

Attention Baronial Populous! Baronial Curia is seeking a new Social Media Officer. To be a SMO on baronial curia you need only live somewhere in the Barony (NS and PEI) and have or will obtain shortly a valid membership. For more information on what an SMO does please visit

All interested candidates are encourage to email

Thank you!!
Esperanza de Cordoba
Web Minister Ruantallan

OCTOBER 18 2021

Attention Baronial Populous! Baronial Curia is seeking a new Arts & Sciences Minister. To be an A&S minister on baronial curia you need only live somewhere in the Barony (NS and PEI) and have or will obtain shortly a valid membership. For more information on what an A&S Minister does please visit

All interested candidates are encourage to email

Thank you!!
Esperanza de Cordoba
Web Minister Ruantallan


Greetings to the populace of the Barony. In keeping with the communications I have been in with EK Seneschal I can now announce that effective immediately with the lifting of the East Kingdom mask mandate for attendees ages 12 and up there is no longer any requirement to submit a detail safety plan to EK for every event or gathering. If individuals have any questions I invite you to contact me for further clarification.


Greetings and Salutations. In Keeping with EK directions the following is now in effect. A safety plan for EVERY official in-person gathering (baronial meeting, practice, casual get together, event) The safety plan needs to include information about the location’s current COVID status (a link to the province/city public health page is acceptable) and plans for COVID safety measures before, during, and after the event. The plan needs to be submitted to the Tir Mara Regional Deputy, Godfroy, and to EK Senseshal no later than 24 hours before the event.

JUNE 15, 2021

Greetings to our cherished populace in Tir Mara,

Many of you have expressed your disappointment that planning for Crown Tournament proceeded even though the US-Canada border has remained closed. We, too, are disappointed that recovery from the pandemic has kept the Kingdom divided for so long.

Regrettably, we did not have the option to wait to schedule Crown Tournament until after the border was open. We found out earlier in the spring that the Society Seneschal intended to issue a directive requiring that all North American Kingdoms hold a Crown Tournament and Coronation when it was safe to do so, by January 31, 2022. She was very clear with the Kingdom Seneschals that no Crown would be allowed to remain on the throne past this period unless conditions were unsafe for holding a Crown Tournament. Her full announcement is here:

With this requirement in mind, and with no guaranteed reopening date for the border, we developed a plan in the spring that we hoped would allow the greatest chance for Tir Maran combatants and consorts to enter the Crown Tournament list in the summer. Our goal throughout has been to return the East closer to our usual Crown cycle as laid out in Kingdom Law. 

With the hope of the entire Kingdom, we look forward to the governments reopening the border, which will allow us to truly come back together. Tir Mara is scheduled to host the Spring 2022 Crown Tournament, which is sure to be a glorious event. As always, the Crown, the Kingdom Seneschal, Earl Marshal, and MInister of the List look forward to Tir Mara’s splendor and hospitality.

This has been a time of unprecedented sacrifice, but the flexibility and creativity of the populace has been a vital part of putting the Kingdom in a place to begin our return strong and healthy. While nothing will replace the time together we have lost, the East Kingdom will remember and honor what this pandemic cost Tir Mara.

In service to the Dream and to the East Kingdom,
Tindal and Alberic, Consules of the East
Medhbh, Seneschal of the East

Salutation à notre bien aimé peuple de Tir-Mara.

Plusieurs d’entre vous ont manifesté leur désappointement face à la tenue du Tournoi de la Couronne et ce malgré la fermeture de la frontière canado-américaine. Sachez tous, que nous partageons ce sentiment dû à une pandémie qui a divisé notre bon Royaume depuis trop longtemps.

Malheureusement, nous n’avons pas le loisir de pouvoir attendre la réouverture de la frontière pour tenir le Tournoi de la Couronne. Au début du printemps, nous apprenions que le Sénéchal de la SCA s’apprêtait à émettre une directive demandant à tous les Royaumes de l’Amérique du Nord de tenir un Tournoi de la Couronne ainsi que le Couronnement lorsque la situation sanitaire le permettrait ou au plus tard le 31 janvier 2022. La Sénéchal de la SCA a été très claire avec la Sénéchal du Royaume que la Couronne Royale ne pourrait rester en place après le 31 janvier 2022, à moins que les mesures sanitaires empêchent la tenue d’un Tournoi de la couronne. Vous pouvez consulter la déclaration complète de la Sénéchal de la SCA (en anglais) en suivant ce lien :

Ayant en tête cette directive, et ne pouvant déterminer une date où la frontière serait réouverte, au printemps dernier nous avons mis en place un plan qui, nous l’espérions, permettrait au plus grand nombre de combattants et de consorts de Tir-Mara de pouvoir participer au Tournoi de la Couronne de l’été. Notre but ayant toujours été celui de se coller au cycle de la Couronne tel que défini dans les lois du Royaume.

Comme tout le Royaume, nous espérons avec impatience que les gouvernements réouvriront les frontières, et de ce fait même réunifiera le Royaume. Tir-Mara doit tenir le Tournoi de la Couronne du Printemps 2022 qui sera sans l’ombre d’un doute un glorieux événement. Comme toujours, La Couronne, le Sénéchal du Royaume, le Connétable du Royaume ainsi que le Maître de la Lice ont hâte de profiter des splendeurs et de l’hospitalité de Tir-Mara.

Ce fut une période de sacrifice sans précédent, où l’agilité et la créativité de notre peuple ont joué un rôle vital qui fait en sorte que notre Royaume puisse revenir plus fort et en santé. Bien que rien ne puisse remplacer les moments que nous avons perdus, le Royaume de l’Est se souviendra toujours de ce que cette pandémie a coûté à Tir-Mara.

Au Service du Rêve et du Royaume de l’Est,

Tindal et Alberic, Consules de l’Est
Medhbh, Sénéchal du Royaume