Herald’s Page

Herald’s Page


Contact Information:
Lady Aveline d’Amiens
Email: herald

For information on
submitting your name
and device go to the
Blue Tyger Herald’s
Page found at:

Choosing a device!

Your armory should be simple and easily identi-
fiable. There are however some rules to creating a registerable de-

  • Here are a few WebPages to get you started:
    What is an SCA heraldic Device?
  • Heraldry for Non-Heralds
  •  Pennsic Traceable Art Project

Feel free to contact your local herald for help checking your device before

Choosing a name!

Picking an SCA name can be difficult. Although you don’t need to register your name to use it, you will need to register a name to go with your device. Start by choosing a time period and country your persona is from. To find an authentic name try starting here:
SCA College of Arms website: http://heraldry.sca.org/names.html
Or contact your local herald for help finding the documentation you need.

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