Seashire Meeting – All Welcome

Date(s) - 06/03/2022
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


This is the first meeting since dormancy began to discuss the plans for the future of Seashire.

This meeting will be held on Zoom, all are welcome to attend and contribute. The Zoom link can be put out on the Ruantallan email list, or can be attained my contacting the webminister.

The agenda for the meeting:

– announcement of dormancy started and dissolvement of curia
– time line for working on Seashire
– announcement of workgroups. The work groups can plan their own times, methods and means of collaboration. They should report to a “project overseer”
– nominate and elect a project overseer. They will communicate with EK Seneschal about progress of the group, ask when we have questions, and inform when we are ready to revive. They will also chair the larger group meetings and facilitate election of new Curia when we come to that.
– Dame Sarra to speak about Canton -Ruantallan agreement, get a consensus on what we are actually asking for
-ask the heavies what they want when it comes to canton tourneys, do they care? Do they look forward to it? Is it redundant?
if you have items to add to the meeting please contact Esperanza de Cordoba to have the item added.
Hope to see many participants, your vote and your voice matter. Thank you.