Barony of Ruantallan Twelfth Night

Date(s) - 04/01/2020
10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Springfield Lake Recreation Center


As the festive season draws to a close, come and celebrate Twelfth Night with music, games and merry making. We will light a Yule Log to conquer the darkness, and bring prosperity, abundance and good luck to the Barony for the coming year.
Children’s activities will include gingerbread house decorating, the Baronial Bardic and A&S championships will be held, and we will enjoy a dayboard and feast prepared by The Saucy Kitchen Crew. (If you have not had one of their feasts, then you are in for a treat!)

Baronial A&S Competition
For those wishing to enter the Baronial A&S competition, the rules are as follows:

 The entry may be one item, or a collection of related items, that have not been
previously entered in any baronial level competition.
 Each entry can be in the form of any of the following: an object (book, clothing,
footwear, box, etc.), a process piece (an experimental approach to how
something was made rather than about the object itself), a research paper.
 The entry submitted must be from the hand of the entrant only.
 Each entrant must be present at the event.
 Each entry must be consistent with a pre-1600 date and can be from any culture
within Europe or from a culture that traded with a European society. This can
include Asia, North Africa, etc.
 Each entry should be accompanied by documentation showing your progress,
research, conclusions, etc. Documentation is due 1 week prior to the competition
so judges have time to read it through. Documentation should not exceed 3
written pages with additional pages for pictures and references.
 Letters of Intent should be sent to myself, The Letter of
Intent must have the following information, who you are, your contact information,
what you are planning on entering (the more details the better to help with finding
judges). When I receive your Letter of intent I will send a reply indicating that I
have received it.

Lady Delyth (mka Joanne Street)

Baronial Bardic Competition
The Bardic Championship will be a two part challenge.

Part 1: The bard will read/sing/recite/perform a piece that can be either their own or someone else’s writing

Part 2: At the end of Part 1 the current Champion will provide the challengers with a subject and they will have one hour to come up with their own piece and then present it.
Lord Gunnar God Venn 


Date and Time:
Saturday January 4 th
10 am – 9:00pm
Event Site:
Springfield Lake Recreation Centre
266 Lakeview Avenue, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3B6

Type                          On Board                           Off Board
Adult member             16                                            6
Adult non-member   21                                          11
Youth – 13- 17              15                                            5
Child – 6 – 12                 15                                             5
Five and under free free
Family Cap                    55                                            20

Event Steward:
Lady Ciorstaidh Twygge of Skyhill (mka Sarah West)

Feast Steward:
Lady Juliana d’Aragon (mka Julia Kelly)


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